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Bluebridge HVAC Services creates an efficient work climate

Office, factory or hospital? Every building needs efficient and healthy systems for air, heat and water. Installing and maintaining these systems is a job for professionals. Such as a national provider with decades of experience. And that provider is Bluebridge HVAC Services.

Our people are totally familiar with the very latest technology for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. You can also call them in to install and service plumbing systems, install and inspect gas pipes, install heat recovery systems and carry out a whole range of technical tasks.

The areas we specialise in

Central heating

Systems >70kW

Installing and inspecting gas pipes


Ventilation & Heat Recovery

Technical handyman service

Sanitary installations and reparations

Leak detection

Why Bluebridge HVAC Services?

  • We combine in-depth consultation with rapid response work.
  • Dealing with hot HVAC systems? Our professional tradesmen stay cool.
  • We’re equally at home working for companies, project bureaux, facility providers and government departments.
  • Cellars, ceilings, attics, boiler rooms, etc. – we can turn our hand to a thousand things.
  • Commissioning a new or overhauled system? That’s music to our ears.
  • Need new, specific technology? We’ll soon get to grips with it.
  • HVAC, did you day? We can combine that perfectly with our other facility services.

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