Electrical Services

Bluebridge Electrical Services keeps the power on

People have the impression they are living in a wireless world. Yet that is only made possible by a sturdy backbone of electricity and cabling. Our specialists ensure that there’s power to every corner of your building, from the electricity cabinet to the LED lighting. And that’s just one example of our solutions for making significant savings on your electricity.

Call us in to install or relocate your electricity supply and pull through wires and cables, right through to connecting up your power sockets and switches. We’ll also handle the cabling for your computers and telecommunications … so that everyone can truly work ‘wirelessly’.

Our specialties



High and low voltage

Why Bluebridge Electrical Services?

  • We have highly qualified electricians in-house.
  • They’re familiar with all the latest technology.
  • Their work stands out for its precision – right down to the tiniest details.
  • Need certificates formal qualifications? We’ll inspect and sign off.
  • Our clients? Companies, project bureaux, facility providers and government departments.
  • One-off job or maintenance contract? We’ll always keep the lights on.
  • Electricity? Perfect for combining with our other facility services.

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0800 12 885
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