Building Maintenance Services

Bluebridge Building Maintenance Services: your building can rely on us

Every building has a hard time surviving – both inside and out. And if you want to keep the value of your building up to the mark, as wells as significantly extend its service life, then you need to pay attention to the way it is maintained.

Both technical and visual maintenance work makes all the difference. In tangible terms: a bulb that’s been replaced or a lick of paint on an old external wall can work wonders.

Our specialties

Installing modular and permanent walls

Stripping out buildings and demolition work

Tiling and flooring


Interior and exterior painting

Gritting service


Handyman services


Repair floors & ceilings

Why Bluebridge Building Maintenance Services?

  • We have our own large team of tradesmen of every type.
  • Foundations, walls, roller blinds, roofs, windows, floors, plumbing: they can do it all.
  • And everything else, too: replace light bulbs, repair door handles, replace ceiling tiles hanging down, replace damaged sections of carpet, repair the plumbing, adjust cabling, replace sunshades, repair damage to desks and cupboards, etc.
  • Our warehouse and workshop are in Herk-de-Stad and we work all over Belgium.
  • We’re happy to work at companies, project bureaux, facility providers and the government.
  • One-off job or maintenance contract? It can be either or.
  • Need other facility services? We’ll combine them smoothly!

Contact us

0800 12 885
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