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Bluebridge Access Services opens, closes and manages

Large buildings can have numerous points of access and dozens of doors. Add in roller blinds and gates and you have a whole inventory of access points that has to be installed, serviced and updated regularly. They all need to be easy to use, create safety and radiate customer-friendliness. And most of all: they must work properly.

Our access professionals install new access ways, doors or gates. This ranges from physical installation to the digital commissioning and the recording of each entry and exit. If you already work with an access control system, our team will integrate new access points seamlessly. Don’t yet have a system? Then take a good look beforehand to see what is the best solution for your and how to use it.

Our specialties


Garage doors




Why Bluebridge Access Services?

  • Locks, doors, shutters and gates: our specialists are totally familiar with the technology involved.
  • Got a preference for particular brands? We’re happy to go with your preference.
  • We work smoothly with your security partners.
  • Discretion, attentiveness and precision are second nature to us.
  • Our specialists carry out their work with respect for your own staff.
  • Need certificates formal qualifications? We’ll be happy to give them to you.
  • Want to combine Bluebridge Access Services with other facility services? No problem.

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